1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is GoodDogz.org?
    GoodDogz.org is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating potential dog owners on dog selection and care and supporting the efforts of rescue groups. We hope that by assisting with good dog-owner matches, we'll give each family the best opportunity for a life-long relationship with their new dog and help to keep dogs out of shelters.

    How will GoodDogz.org help potential dog owners choose a dog?
    Dog-seekers will be asked questions about their personalities, families, homes and lifestyles that are designed to reveal likely matches (and mismatches). By browsing the information available on GoodDogz.org and asking questions through our pre-adoption counselors, the dog-seeker will get an idea of the age, breed, size and/or energy level that their "best bet" dog would have. We hope that by assisting good dog-to-owner matches, we'll give each new family their best opportunity for a delightful relationship with their new pet and help to halt the flow of dogs into shelters.

    After dog-choice education, where do GoodDogz.org visitors go to find specific dogs?
    We always recommend dog adoption if the type of dog sought is likely to be found through rescue channels. Rescue groups from all over the country will be invited to submit a rescue profile to our online database. Potential adopters can search for rescues groups that specialize in a specific breed, or they can look at group profiles in their area until they see one that will provide the type of adoption experience that they would like to have.

    What kind of information will GoodDogz.org make available in its rescue group profiles?
    An extensive amount of information is requested from the groups and made available to site visitors in the online profile. Requested information includes: year founded, not-for-profit/non-profit status, funding, leadership and mission; numbers of annual adoptions/returns; dogs/puppies in the system at a time, average length of stay and type of boarding provided; where the dogs come from; and finally, the requirements and timing of the adoption process, including any special preferences or rules.

    We also have information available on each rescue group's requirements and practices for volunteers, foster parents, and money/item donors. Potential volunteers who want to become involved in dog rescue can browse profiles until they see a group that shares their personal mission. We hope that helping volunteers to have a great first "dog rescue experience" will create lifelong devotees.

    What feedback on rescue groups will GoodDogz.org collect from site users?
    Four groups of people who have been involved with rescue organizations will be invited to rate the groups with whom they've interacted. Adopters, volunteers, foster parents and donors are all invited to rate the organization of the events, customer service, animal health and behavior, leadership, and general environment. Additionally, adopters are asked about "truth in adoption," homechecks, paperwork, and post-adoption support. Volunteers are encouraged to rate the guidance they were given in their volunteer efforts, and the quality/availability of the leadership. Foster parents can rate the information they were given about their foster dog(s) and the medical/behavioral support that was provided to them. And donors (of money or items) will be asked if they received a receipt and enough information about the group, and if they feel that the donations were properly allocated.

    How will user feedback be moderated?
    The GoodDogz.org rescue program will benefit from the input of a separate advisory panel staffed by pet professionals, rescue organization designees and GoodDogz.org team members. The panel will be encouraged to help GoodDogz.org improve the site's service to the rescue and adopter communities. Board members may also be asked to review allegations that arise in user feedback, judging the verity and inclusion of potentially unfounded comments.

    Could you tell me which rescue organizations you support?
    GoodDogz.org is dedicated to helping all rescue organizations nationwide. Although we understand that different groups have different challenges (some more critical than others) we really do what we can to assist groups where they are struggling. On the rare occasion that an abuse or neglect issue surfaces, we try to base our decisions on public record and fact from any authorities involved. We support rescue organizations by hosting super pet adoption events and offering workshops on a variety of topics like volunteer recruitment and burnout, adopter screening and fundraising. We do assist individual groups on a case-by-case basis when requested, but our primary goal is to offer more open resources that groups can choose to participate in or not.

    Getting a dog - your first, third or eighth - is often a lifechanging event. Set yourself up to win by starting at GoodDogz.org!

    If you are interested in becoming involved with the GoodDogz.org initiative, contact us!

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